Horseback Riding

High Atlas horseback riding

The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco offer endless recreational possibilities. Rambling and trekking are organized from our Kasbah with guides and logistics. If you are interested in ancient traditions, you will take pleasure in visiting the surrounding villages.

Option 1
We set off by donkey with our Berber Mountain Guide, toward the east through groves of olive, orange and apple trees. We follow alongside the river’s course up and down small hills dotted with red juniper, passing isolated Berbers hamlets until we reach the salt mines near by the Monday Market. The Berbers have been mining salt using a method unchanged for centuries. You may see them riding from village to village, selling the salt from the back of their donkeys…. in addition, you will be able to explore all the hidden villages of the valley on your journey back to the Kasbah before the end of the day.


Option 2
After a 45 minute drive to Ouirgane, we set off with our Mountain Guide and horses to explore the village of Ouirgane. Situated in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Ourigane stands at the center of a popular resort area, where summers are cooler and winters less harsh than those of Marrakech. The surrounding Berber countryside offers picturesque villages and hamlets to explore, set in forests full of wildlife and groves of fruit trees, alongside streams cascading down from the high atlas mountains and fields of wild flowers. The area is also known for its extraordinarily beautiful rose gardens.

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